World Rugby Classic Bermuda

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It might seem a bit surprising that Bermuda, of all places, has hosted some of the world’s best rugby players. After all, this 22-mile blip of islands in the middle of the Atlantic is located hundreds, if not thousands, of miles from places that first come to mind when you think of rugby.

The connection between Bermuda and rugby was first drawn in the early ‘70s. It all started with the Easter Classic, a single match played on Easter Sunday that pitted the Bermuda-Irish against Bermuda. 

Following the first Easter Classic, international players continued the tradition by flying in on Thursday, playing the match on Sunday, and returning home on Tuesday. All the while, visiting players would soak up the sunshine and enjoy Bermuda’s famous hospitality.

Over the years, many long-lasting friendships were forged by these games. This has led to Bermuda becoming a popular meeting place for rugby players and fans alike. Now, you too can take part in this unique experience at the World Rugby Classic Bermuda.

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