Old Head Golf Links

Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland

It can be argued that no golf trip to Ireland is complete without playing the Old Head Golf Links, famously found on the Old Head of Kinsale. Besides being located on a headland best described as breathtaking, the Old Head Golf Links were developed by a supergroup design team that included the likes of Ron Kirby, Eddie Hackett, Dr. Joe Carr, Paddy Merrigan, Liam Higgins, and Haulie O’Shea.

How fitting it is that so many notable names were involved in the designing of the Old Head Golf Links, as the Old Head of Kinsale is a piece of golf real estate unlike any other. The course’s nine clifftop holes play higher above the sea than any golf course on Earth, allowing fortunate golfers to experience the rush felt when teeing off atop 300-foot-high cliffs as seagulls soar and waves crash beneath their feet.

Believe it or not, there are ways to make a visit to the Old Head Golf Links even more of a momentous occasion. Travelers would be well advised to supplement their visit with a stop in the harbor town of Kinsale, the self-proclaimed “gourmet capital” of Ireland, located less than a half-hour drive away. A stay at The Suites at Old Head Golf Links is also a good idea, as is arriving to the Old Head of Kinsale by helicopter for an unforgettable bird’s-eye view.